TRusT™ platform for producers

With TRusT™ platform each producers can record the progress of growing their crops and attending to their livestock and monitor their business processes. When the product is finally ready for sale, TRusT™ generates a label and a QRCode. In addition, through the same QRCode, your customer can see the production timeline, the methods and the ingredients used, and the specific history of the product that they are going to purchase.

With TRusT™ you can add info about traceability and storytelling even if your product is already been distributed!

The International Traditional Knowledge Institute, U.S. Chapter (ITKI US) promotes projects to support Local Communities in leveraging their unique Traditional Knowledge. One of this project is the Creative Knowledge Platform (CKP). The CKP comprises of websites, apps and virtual reality environments which engage visitors in a simulated, expanded and extended Experience (see, hear, learn and try), guide them in the city’s Spaces (physical and virtual) and allow them to retain memory of the Activities (Long-lasting, Temporary), even after their visit. The CKP component now available is the Web App TRusT™, which supports communities of artisans and farmers (the Knowledge Keepers) in leveraging their unique Traditional and Creative Knowledge to reach Goal 8, set by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development , “To promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all ”.

For more information click here and visit the Creative Knowledge Platform Project on the ITKI US website.